What are the different types of towels?

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All You Need to Know About The Type of Towels

You can find information about all type of towels that we use them daily basis; house, bathroom, kitchen, beach, hotel, sports center, golf club or salon towels.

Bath Towels

There are different size of bath towels. Generally, bath towel size is 27" x 52"-58". They have enough large size to wrap your body and dry your body after you had a bath. They are basically made of 100% cotton. Cotton makes bath towels very soft and absorbent. For your health, use 100% cotton towels.

What are the different types of towels? bath towels


Tocotowels offers premium bath towels that provide softness, absorbency and durability to get luxury experience after every single bath. If you want to finish your bath with happiness, choose our quality cotton bath towels.

Hand Towels

The hand towels are usually 16" x 30". Basically, They are used to dry the hands after washing them. The hand towels are the most important part of towel sets. You can carry them in your backpack easily, when you go to gym, yoga, sports center. They are lightweight, practical and keep small space.

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Generally, two hand towels and two bath towels are ideal in each bathroom. 

Fingertip Towels

Fingertip towels are basically smaller than hand towels and larger than wash clothes. Their functions are also different. They have multiple uses; we can use them at bathroom, guest bath, kitchen, sports, travel, golf club. Also customized fingertip towels can be used as special gift at housewarmings, Christmas, wedding gift favors, valentine's days, halloween and much more. They are usually placed on the countertop next to the sink or draped over in guest bathrooms. 

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Fingertip Towels are can be used in many functional and decorative ways. From drying hands quickly to being a great option for special events such as housewarming parties, engagement & wedding ceremonies fingertip towels serve multiple purposes.

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