Turkish Cotton Towels

Everyday, we use different style of towels on many occasions. They are important part of our life in home, bathroom, kitchen, spa, sports center, gym, golf club, salon, beach, pool, travel, hotel and much more place. 100% Cotton is right choice for your health and the most preferred material. It is an eco-friendly, heat-resistant, dries fast and a natural option. The cotton towels provide soft touch and high absorbency. Also cotton towels provide durability and comfort. If you prefer quality cotton towels, you can dry your hands and body very well. Our Turkish cotton towels provide soft feel to your skin due to its smooth. 

Pergee offers premium cotton towels in bulk at a reasonable price! Our towels are durable and made from pure cotton which give soft effect. We guarantee that you will meet your needs and budget with our quality and lower prices. You will find a large selection of quality and affordable towels in Pergee.com. Buy wholesale quality towels at a lower price. 

What is a Fingertip Towel?

Fingertip towels are small size (11” x 18”) towels with multiple uses. They are usually placed on the countertop next to the sink or draped over in guest bathrooms. They are smaller than hand towels and larger than wash clothes and their functions are also different. From drying hands quickly to being a great option for special events such as housewarming parties, engagement & wedding ceremonies fingertip towels serve multiple purposes. They can also used in the kitchen as utility towels, especially linen fingertip towels are great to dry glassware while the decorative ones can make the guest bathrooms warmer and welcoming in an elegant way. Read more..

Towel Size Chart

Towel Size Chart