Everything You Need to Know About Fingertip Towels

  • Standard fingertip towels size is 11" x 18",
  • They are typically rectangular,
  • These towels are a convenient item to have in the bathroom, guests, bedroom or kitchen, especially if a quick hand wash is needed,
  • A fingertip towel is smaller than a hand towel, but larger than a washcloth,
  • They are perfect as decorative gift towels,
  • You can display fingertip towels with a colorful set of your towels in the bathroom,
  • If you have guests, you can give fingertip towels to use them rather than hand towels,
  • These towels are easier to fold and can take up less space, so they can be more convenient than hand towels,
Everything You Need to Know About Fingertip Towels
  • They can be customized by using embroidered, monogramed,
  • Small and practical to carry on travel, sports, gym,
  • They may be placed in the bathroom during all season. 
  • They can used as a golf towel,
  • Customize fingertip towels are also perfect for promotional gift towels for any business,
  • These towels are more for decorative purposes than other type of towels. These towels may be decorative or embroidered to make them Christmas, easter, thanksgiving, halloween, valentine's day