Towels Size Chart

Pergee Towel Size Chart

WashCloths : 13"x13" 

Fingertip Towels Size: 11"x"18" ; this is a convenient towel to have in the home, especially if a quick hand wash is needed.

Hand Towels: 16"x28"-30"

Bath Towel: 27"x52"-58"   Bath 35"x60"-70"

Beach Towels : 30"x60" 

Towel Size Chart
Fingertip Towels  11" x 18"
Hand Towels  16" x 28"-30"
Bath Towels  27" x 52"-58"
Beach Towels  30" x 60"
Bath Sheet 35"x 60"-70"
Washcloth  13" x 13"