What is a fingertip towel?

FAQ About Fingertip Towels

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Fingertip Guest Hand Towels

Q: What is a fingertip towel?

Fingertip towels are basically smaller than hand towels and larger than wash clothes. Their functions are also different. They have multiple uses; we can use them at bathroom, guest bathroom, kitchen, sports, travel, golf club. Also customized fingertip towels can be used as special gift at housewarmings, Christmas, wedding gift favors, valentine's days, halloween and much more. They are usually placed on the countertop next to the sink or draped over in guest bathrooms. 

Q: What size is a fingertip towel?

In general, fingertip towels are small size; 11 inch in width x 18 inch in length towels with multiple uses. Also we have size; 12" x 20". This means that fingertip towels have very useful size to use as a guest towel, golf towel or bathroom decoration.

What size is a fingertip towel?

Q: What is a fingertip towel used for?

Fingertip Towels are can be used in many functional and decorative ways. From drying hands quickly to being a great option for special events such as housewarming parties, engagement & wedding ceremonies fingertip towels serve multiple purposes. They can also used in the kitchen as utility towels, especially linen fingertip towels are great to dry glassware while the decorative ones can make the guest bathrooms warmer and welcoming in an elegant way.

If you have a small hotel, sport center, golf club or saloon, you can give your customers a personalized fingertip guest towel as a gift. It will be add more value to your customer satisfaction. And you can gain more customer satisfaction.


Q: What are the difference between fingertip towels and hand towels?

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Apart from their functions, the first notable difference is their sizes. Fingertip towels are usually about 11 to 18 inches while hand towels are 16 to 30 inches. As the name implies, the most fundamental use of hand towels is for drying hands and they are also great to wipe out the face after washing. On the other hand, because they are smaller Fingertip Towels are can be used in many functional and decorative ways.

Q: Why Pergee Fingertip Towels? 

  • Our deluxe fingertip guest towels are made of 100% Turkish finest cotton.
  • We provide Premium High Quality Fingertip Towels at affordable prices.
  • Our deluxe fingertip towels are highly durable, absorbent, long lasting and quick drying.
  • They are very soft and will get softer and more absorbent after each wash.
  • None of our products undergo chemical processing.
  • Hemmed thickly on all sides,
  • Looks elegant. Luxuriously soft and absorbent. They are perfect decorative alternative for your bathroom.
  • Easy embroidery with solid color and terry velour fabric.
  • Perfect as a gift or personalized Monogram Embroidery. Monogrammed gifts
  • Easy Care. Machine Washable. 


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