Towel Buying Guide; How to Choose the Right Towel for Your Need

Choosing the Best Towel for the Right Purpose

What are the best towels? When choosing a towel, you should consider the material, weight (GSM) and size you need. There are also different type towels for home, kitchen, hotel, spa, sports center, golf clubs. To ensure longevity and comfort, you need to choose the right towels for your needs. 

Choosing the Right Size Towel

First of all, choose the right size towel; you have the options as; Large size ; bath sheet, beach and bath towels, Medium size; hand towels and Small size; fingertip guest towels and washcloths.

Towel guide; How to Choose the Right Towel for Your Need

What Kind of Towel for the Right Purpose

Bath Sheet is large enough to wrap up and dry your body after a shower. Bath sheets are larger than traditional bath towels.

Bath towel is the most popular towel used for drying the body after a shower or bath.

Beach Towel is used for the Beach and Pool side. It can be in various sizes, shape and color patterns. A beach towel is made of light weight than other towels to provide faster drying. It is also longer than other towels.

Hand Towels are mostly used for drying hands after washing them. This towel is found close to the sink in a bathroom.

Fingertip Towel is the main part of decorative accessory for a guest bathroom. It is very functional and keeps less space in the kitchen. It is a great choice in the kitchen to dry your hands, dish or glasses. It also can be a cute housewarming gift. This towel is found close to the sink in a guest bathroom. It is usually sold in sets of two.

Washcloth is a smallest size cloth for washing the hand, face and body. It's shape is  square.

Choosing a Right GSM Weight

Consider how you will use the towel and how often. How soft, durable or absorbent a towel is, depends on its GSM. GSM ( grams per square meter ) is the measurement used to describe a towel’s density. Higher weight means thicker, more durable and absorbent than lower GSM weights. 450 gsm and above is a heavy towel. It takes more time to dry.

Anything towel over 400 gsm is a good option for a soft wrap up. Most towels we used everyday are between 400 to 620 gsm. Range from 500 to 640 gsm offers luxurious feel. Light towels are soft and quick-drying. It is easy to carry.