Fingertip Towels vs Hand Towels

Difference Between Fingertip Towels or Hand Towels

The fingertip towel; it is small size, functional and decorative towel. Its size is generally 11 and 18 inches ( 30x50 cm ). The finger tip is smaller than a hand towel. It especially is used for drying hands. This rectangular towel is the best way to dry your hands in bathroom or kitchen. It keeps less space than other towels. It can be used as a decorative towel for bathroom, luxury gift for housewarming, wedding gifts with monogram embroidered, gym, sports or golf towel. It is very practical drying cloth in kitchen towel. It is a convenient towel to have in the guest bedroom. You can design your bathroom with decorative fingertip towels.

Fingertip Towels vs Hand Towels
The hand towels; this everyday towels help drying your hands after hand washing and are found close to the sink in a bathroom. They are  great decorative towels in a bathroom. Their size is 16"x30". The medium size hand towel will likely dry quicker than a larger bath towel. 
Difference between Fingertip Towels or Hand Towels
The hand towels are multi-functional. From home to hotels, you can see the hand towels everywhere. They are essential for every household. 100% cotton hand towels will be a great option for gym, sports center. Monogram embroidered hand towels with a logo will be great promotional gift for your customer in hotels, spas, fitness centers or golf clubs.
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