How to Care for Your Towels?

      Simple Tips to Best Care for Your Towels

  • Please make sure to wash your new towels before using them.
  • Please sorting your towels by white, dark or bright colors. You should wash your towels separately from light and dark colors.
  • Make sure that the washing machine is loaded with the specified weight. Please find the specified weight in the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Follow the washing instructions on the label of the towels and wash them at the specified.
  • It is very important to follow the washing label recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • For hygienic reasons, towels should always be washed at a minimum of 60 degrees.
  • White color towels can be washed at temperatures up to 90 degrees.
  • Wash towels on gentle cycle.
Simple Tips to Best Care for Your Towels
  • Cotton Fabric is more resistant to heat damage.
  • Many detergents contain bleaching agents and optical brighteners. Too much detergent can leave the towels feeling rough.
  • Please always dose detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. To prevent discoloration and staining, don't use whiten, brighten, bleach.
  • You can only use detergent for white towels to keep them bright white.
  • Please do not use fabric softener so much. It will reduce your towels’ absorbency.
  • Terry fabric is fluffiest if it is tumble dried.

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